El Dorado is a 500-lot single family residential detached community located above Dyes Inlet, just southeast of the City of Silverdale in unincorporated Kitsap County. Situated just south of Newberry Hill Road and roughly bisected by NW Eldorado Boulevard, this project was designed to provide housing options at the first-time buyer level. It includes community parks, 4,500 feet of walking trails, a dog run and a substantial amount of open space. The predominant lot size in this community is +/- 4,000 square feet with most lot widths at 40 feet; the minimum lot size is just over 3,200 sf and the largest is about 8,900 square feet.

Application for the project was made in Kitsap County in March of 2020 and gained Preliminary Plat Approval in January of 2021.