How We Work

A process for success.

Our team of experienced professionals has a process to successfully navigate even the most complex projects — and avoid the pitfalls that can cause costly delays.


01   Know the landscape

The Blue Fern team has decades of experience in all aspects of land development and construction—and we’ve closed deals of all types, sizes and complexity. It doesn’t matter where a project is located; our team’s know-how and knowledge of markets travels anywhere.

02   Ask the right questions

We go deep, researching every aspect of a project. We know the tough questions to ask, who to talk to and how to get the info that can make or break a deal.

03   Do it right the first time

We do everything possible to get the details right up front. Quantifying the unique properties of each project from the start enables us to avoid conflict and surprises down the road.

04   Keep moving

We don’t sit back. We love our jobs. The executive team breathes projects 24/7, and we don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or hop in the car to keep a project moving forward.